Basalt Rebar Quote Request

Canadian Basalt reinforcing bar comes in two different types:

  1. Canadian-made Sand-finished Black Rod Rebar™ is available in diameters from #2 / 6.35mm to #8 / 25mm. We have an extensive bend schedule available for this product style.
  2. American-made Ribbed Black Rod Rebar™ is available in diameters from #2 / 6.35mm to #8 / 25mm. Additionally rebar diameters #2 and #3 / 6.35mm & 9.525mm are available in coils up to 300 feet / 91 meters. Coils reduce install time tremendously.

Rebar can be cut to any length up to 50′ / 15 meters and is typically delivered in a full-to-the-roof 40′ freight or 53′ rail container (click here to learn more about weight, size, and handling). Note:  Basalt rebar cannot be bent on-site; rebar must be bent at the factory, and we must have detailed drawings to manufacture shapes and quantities. We will finalize these details with you once we receive your quote request. Basalt can be tied to steel bends if needs be.

Grids can be supplied packaged and precut to length to enable rapid on-site assembly held together with Kody Klips or pneumatic ties. Please specify your requirements in the “Additional order details” section below.

Ribbed US Made - Maximum Linear Feet (LF) per truck load (22 ton)

#2 / 6.350MM BFRP Rebar

 800,000 LF

#3 / 9.525MM BFRP Rebar

 385,000 LF

#4 / 12.700MM BFRP Rebar

220,000 LF

#5 / 15.875MM BFRP Rebar

140,000 LF

#6 / 19.050MM BFRP Rebar

98,000 LF

#7 / 22.225MM BFRP Rebar

73,000 LF

#8 / 25.000MM BFRP Rebar

55,000 LF

Please select your options below. For each rebar choice, we will calculate your overall linear footage.

Basalt Chopped Fiber Quote Request

Canadian Basalt chopped fiber can be made with filaments with diameters of 9-micron, 11-micron, 13-micron, 15-micron, 17-micron, and 19-micron. Typically the 19-micron filament diameter is used for concrete applications as they are more durable in the presence of alkali. Pricing:  19 micron is the most economical.

Available chop lengths are 3mm, 6mm, 12mm, 24mm, 48mm, and 96mm. Pricing: 3mm are the most expensive and 96mm the least.

Sizing Chemistries:  625 sizing has shown the best durability in alkali mediums; 5X1 sizing shows fast wet out and durability

Packaging Options:

  1. Vacuum-sealed aluminized mylar bags at 15 Kg (33 lbs), stacked flat on a pallet, covered with cardboard, and stretch wrapped to give 800 – 1000 Lbs/pallet. These are the most expensive.
  2. Heavy-duty plastic bags, each 20 Kg (44 lbs), packed into individual cardboard boxes, with four boxes strapped to a pallet.
  3. Super sacks filled to 2,000 lbs and secured to a pallet. These are the most economical.