Rebar is supposed to overlap 40 times the diameter of the rod.  We know Google wants 1000 words for blog articles, but this picture says it all. Well, almost…

Also, see how little concrete was outside these rebars. 2-3 inches is the code minimum. If the bars were deeper inside good concrete and basalt rebar was installed outside near the surface, this might have been a different outcome.

Basalt rebar is made directly from molten basalt rock. Being rock, it is naturally resistant to seawater, alkaline, acids, and microorganisms. And it won’t rust or corrode. This lack of corrosion means the bar can sit on-site through the harshest of winters, and in the springtime, the bar will be as fresh as the day it left the factory. No rust. No sharp edges.   This is what we should be used in sea and river walls, bridge abutments, coastal buildings of any type, and anywhere where the surface is regularly exposed to harsh alkali or seawater.

Please contact us if you want to discuss engineering and how we would fix or prevent this from happening.