About Us

Our Story

Canadian Basalt is a division of BlueGold Labs Inc. and has its Canadian HQ in Vancouver, BC, and its US HQ in Atlanta. GA.   Founded in 2010, we have evolved from water technologies through the industrial supply and design of super-efficient greenhouses and hyper-technical green housing materials.

Our team has been working with Basalt fiber-based products for over 15 years across a comprehensive variety of projects. We love to discuss this fantastic product and its capabilities, so reach out if you want to learn more.

BlueGold Labs has been instrumental in developing life-saving products for Industrial, Residential, and Marine applications currently years ahead of anything available in the market. 

Basalt intrigues us. No other material offers a combination of tailorability, durability, and structural efficiency. Plus, basalt weave looks cool.


We at Canadian Basalt believe in supplying the highest quality product at a fair price. We are committed to providing the best building technology available and ensure we back it up with a highly qualified team of experts. When you source from us, you can rest assured we understand and honestly care about your needs. We have your back! Try us. We think you will find the change in pace a refreshing difference.