We make composites ROCK!

Would you like to replace fiberglass with a natural, more robust, greener alternative that lasts longer with superior properties? Consider Basalt fiber!  Higher impact-resistant basalt fibers are pultruded filaments of fibers just like fiberglass or carbon fiber, or Kevlar, only these are ALL (Basalt) ROCK. Basalt is more chemical, acids, and salt-tolerant, and can sustain hundreds of degrees of hotter and colder temperatures. Basalt is safe, non-respirable (wear masks if sanding, of course), UV immune, over 24% higher flexural modulus than fiberglass (stiffer but bends), non-conductive, and does not interfere with RF communications signals.

In documented use for well over 5000 years, Basalt is one of the original building materials. When properly “prepared”, Basalt is equally “at home” as rebar supporting a dam, or as a fiber skirting as an air dam on the front of a sports car. If you have questions, contact us. We can provide in-depth answers, based on our years of practical experience.