Commercial & Residential Supply of Basalt Rebar & Fiber

We supply Canadian and American-made non-metallic Basalt FRP rebar from #2 – #8 / 6.35mm – 25mm, in a ribbed or sand finish, in lengths up to 50′ / 15M, or up to 300′ / 91M long coils (in #2 or #3 / 6.35mm – 9.53mm) by the container load. Additionally, we have an extensive range of bend options, grid options, chopped fiber, and other Basalt materials.

Basalt Fiber-based products are a technically advanced alternative to Kevlar, Fiber Glass, Carbon Fiber, and Steel Rebar and offer numerous innovative benefits to the construction and infrastructure industries. Our products are made from molten basalt rock without using any chemicals.

Key Features and Benefits

  • 4.5 times lighter than steel.   Savings due to reduced weight. Click here to learn more.
  • Tensile strength is 2.5 times that of steel. CSA and ASTM certified, MIL-Spec tested.
  • Naturally resistant to seawater, alkaline, acids, and microorganisms. Won’t rust or corrode.
  • It is made directly from basalt rock in a single melt process and has a 60% lower carbon footprint, with a fully sustainable life cycle.
  • 30% reduction in concrete coverage. Coils enable longer runs, less time tying, less need for overlap, and less product wastage.
  • Won’t create spalling as freeze/thaw mimics rock.
  • Recyclable, making shoring site cleanup a breeze.
  • No sharp ends or fire hazards when it is cut.
  • Transparent to radio frequencies, non-conductive, non-magnetic, and UV-stable.
  • Great for sea walls, pools, data centers, and hospital buildings.
  • Up to 50% labor savings on handling and installation versus steel rebar. Overall project cost is less than with steel rebar.
  • Strong supply with a minimum lead time.
  • Please REQUEST A QUOTE or CONTACT US      (1-604-245-1473) to learn more.

Canadian Basalt is in use in Concrete structures & slabs. Infrastructure – bridges & highways – Pavement, Roads, Ports, & Airports. Sea walls & Marine related developments. Submersed concrete structures. Groundwork foundations & retaining walls. Precast concrete units. Sprayed Concrete installations, & so much more. Discuss your ideas with us. Start your next project with a rock-solid foundation from Canadian Basalt.

Architectural Engineering

Basalt bonds very well to concrete. It is not corrupted or affected by electrochemical reactions, so it will not decay or rust over time. Nor does it conduct electricity, so it is an ideal isolator. It handles freeze-thaw cycles with ease, and helps to prevent concrete spalls, making it excellent to use in buildings, foundations, mines, and infrastructure projects.

Transportation & Bridge

Basalt bonds very well to concrete. It is not corrupted or affected by electrochemical reactions from de-icing salts, so it will not decay or rust over time. It handles freeze-thaw cycles with ease, absorbs projectile impact, and helps to prevent concrete spalls, making it excellent to use in roads, bridges, tunnels, mines, and infrastructure projects.

Custom Builds

Basalt can be suppled in numerous forms, such has rebar, coils, elbows, sticks, mesh, fiber, fabric, roving and tape.  If you can imagine it, we might have already done it, so please ask.

Our carefully curated Basalt materials are in use across numerous locations.



Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer (BRFP) rebar, also known as Basalt Rod, can be specified and supplied in 20, 30, 40 & 50′ lengths, and in sizes from #2 / 6.5mm through to #8 / 22mm. We can supply a large variety of bend schedules.

Size-for-size, BRFP is 4-5x lighter than steel, and a  single shipping container can hold as much as eight times the volume of steel building materials.

We also supply Basalt Chopped Fiber that is available in a variety of filament lengths from 3mm-96mm. Our products can be made with filaments whose diameters are 9-micron, 11-micron, 13-micron, 15-micron, 17-micron, and 19-micron. 19-Micron Filament Diameter is used for concrete applications as they are more durable in the presence of alkali.

Being so much less expensive to transport and handle means that in times of inflation and pricing uncertainty, BRFP can help reduce costs while keeping projects on schedule.



While Basalt has been in use for thousands of years in block form, it was not until 1923 that engineers learned how to melt and transform this natural material into Basalt Fibers. These fibers are spun and mixed with various additives and glues to form structural elements in products around you.

Due to its non-corrodible nature and abrasion resistance, the military extensively uses basalt fiber-based products for equipment. It is also in use in planes, boats, and cars.

Basalt Fiber Reinforced Polymer (BFRP) rebar, also known as Basalt Rod, has gained wide acceptance across all forms of building. It is an ideal product for and is used extensively in construction in harsh environments, such as seawalls, slabs, road bridges, and decks. In addition, it vastly extends the lifespan of the materials associated with it while reducing maintenance requirements.

Canadian Basalt – your trusted supplier for projects that matter.

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